Professional Services

ISA’s Professional Services team prides themselves on their ability to work with companies of any size and complexity to assist them with the ongoing process of discovering cyber threats and infrastructural weaknesses within their organisations; designing appropriate and effective security solutions that can mitigate these threats and weaknesses; delivering security solutions intended to facilitate authorised access to critical information and network resources while maintaining their confidentiality, integrity and availability; and ultimately to deploy an information security framework that is capable of protecting their business assets and processes from even some of the most advance and persistent cyber threats that one sees in today’s fast-paced and interconnected world.

Managed Services

ISA’s Managed Services team is renowned for giving their customers the flexibility needed to benefit from either a bespoke purpose-built security services programme designed to meet their specific requirements, or to adopt one of their predefined Managed Security Services® frameworks that are actively used by many companies ranging in size from small businesses to large multi-national enterprises. Whether merely to compliment an existing security team’s capacity and skillset by taking on some of the administrative load associated with effectively managing their security infrastructure, or at the other end of the spectrum by being the epicentre for escalation and advanced threat hunting and incident remediation within the organisation, ISA’s Managed Services team has the discipline, experience and knowledge needed to fulfil whatever challenge is levied towards them.