All companies say that they have great people, but at ISA we don’t just have great people, we have some of the most amazing, brilliant and hardworking people in the world who share a passion for unrivalled customer service and have a thirst to be the best that they can be by developing a sustainable career in the information security industry. This is the place where smart people can be smart and where you’ll work alongside some of the most dedicated professionals in the industry.




A career in information security means digging deeper into the complexities of the workplace to find where the real vulnerabilities lie. It’s about checking all the boxes, but then asking the tough questions that no one else dared to ask. It’s about making sure that every password and every internetworked computing device is a stronghold and not a weak spot. It’s about making sure that breaches don’t happen in the first place and not only about attending to them.

While our customers will always be the real heroes – teachers, police, firefighters, doctors, entrepreneurs, bankers, amongst others – now’s your chance to become the superhero behind these heroes.

Career Opportunities